Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Philippines Missions Trip (Part 8)

Our final day in the Philippines was Friday. Our group was asked to put on mini-workshops about topics that might be of interest in order to draw people in.

Tim and Taylor did a class together about back care and chiropractic. They took turns giving a lot of good tips.




Then they got the class involved. Everyone was giving someone a shoulder rub.


Then came adjustments-Taylor worked on necks since that is all he could really do with a broken wrist.


Tim did the rest of the spine. He got a little over-heated, to say the least!



It was a great success.

In the mean time, Kelsey gave a class on make-up tips and the hair styles for particular face shapes.


She then did an up-do for one of the teens.


As soon as she was done, I spoke about organization and also demonstrated some crafts for the home that  the ladies could do at a later time.


I even had a couple of guys watch for a while.


Tyler gave some really good tips on taking great pictures and video



When we were done, we had most of the afternoon free. There is a very popular fast food restaurant in the Philippines called Jollibee’s and we headed there for lunch.



They mostly served hamburgers and French fries. It was almost American tasting, but not quite.


Then we were off to a store that dried their own fruit. We bought a bunch of it so we could have it for a long time to come. There is nothing like dried mangos from the Philippines.



Mt. Matutum is a dormant volcano that is on the island of Mindanao. It can be seen for mile around and is an amazing part of the landscape in this area. Here we saw it as we were driving to get the dried fruit.


In the evening, we said our good byes. Here is a picture of Andrew with Jabe and Elana Barker.


The women of Restore Ministries-Luz, Dahlia, Belen and Anita- with Kelsey, Me, Lauren and Elana Barker.


It is hard saying good-bye. She didn’t want Kelsey to go.


Final picture with the ministry team.



Early Saturday morning we flew back to Manila and had most of the afternoon free. There really aren’t many touristy places to see. Most Filipinos love to shop in their free time so shopping malls are every where. One of the biggest malls on the continent of Asia is the Mall of Asia. 200,000 people on average visit this mall daily.  We decided that is where we were going to spend our afternoon.


It was huge, but it was surprisingly American like in many ways.  Although it was wonderful experiencing all the unusual food over the past week and most of it was really good, we were all ready for American food. One of the first things we noticed was a Pizza Hut so we decided to give it a try. We devoured the pizza. It was delicious.


Later in the day, we were hungry again so we ate at McDonalds. McDonalds generally is not the first choice for most of us, but it was on this particular day. It tasted just like it does in America but they did have a few unusual things on their menu like rice and spaghetti.


We had one final night  (really it was part of a night as we left at 3AM) at the Kabayan hotel and then we were off to the airport for our final flight home.



We arrived in Kansas City 31 hours later. It was bitter-sweet to be home. We miss our friends in the Philippines, but there truly is “No place like home.”



  1. Thanks for doing such detailed posts about the trip. I enjoyed reading and seeing pictures.

  2. I also enjoyed reading all the posts and seeing the pictures. It's as if I was living it with you. FUN!!

  3. This was a beautiful expose of your missionary trip to the Phillipines! Thank you for sharing. What a loving and caring family you have! Many blessings to you and yours!!!

  4. Thanks for your article. I am also enjoyed reading all the posts and Seeing the pictures